12 OCT 2019

The Remain Chair

Thank you to Annie Bowie for giving me the opportunity to look after the wonderful Remain Chair. Created by Bundle Maclaren, the chair illustrates beautifully that we can be proud to be British and proud to be European. The best of both worlds. I'm delighted to look after it for a while on behalf of Totnes.

12 OCT 2019

Extinction Rebellion

I loved joining some Extinction Rebellion members walking up Totnes High St., singing together and marking the action of their friends in London. They are helping drive urgent and essential action.

12 OCT 2019

Climate Change Meeting in Totnes

Thank you to all those who came along to share their view on tackling Climate Change, especially those who joined in from the terrace after the hall capacity was reached. Thanks also to Wera Hobhouse and Caroline Voaden for making the time to come and discuss this important issue with members of the community.

11 OCT 2019

Kingsbridge College

Thank you to the wonderful year 12 and year 13 students at Kingsbridge Community College for inviting me to your tutorial sessions. I really enjoyed the opportunity to talk to you all and to hear what you had to say.

11 OCT 2019

South Devon Steiner School.

Thank you to the staff and pupils of the South Devon Steiner School for inviting me to their assembly to discuss their concerns about climate change and the environment. It was inspiring to see such well-informed young people. I was delighted to be able to give them my Extinction Rebellion tree for their wonderful gardens. We need to leave them the future they deserve.

27 SEP 2019

The Hope Programme

Thank you to all the volunteer facilitators helping with the Hope Programme and Torbay and South Devon NHS Trust for coordinating support, I really enjoyed meeting you all today in Dartington to hear about the evidence behind the courses from Coventry University.

21 SEP 2019

Write Now Totnes

Thank you to Wendy and all the team from Totnes Writers Group for putting on the Write Now Totnes event celebrating, encouraging and promoting creative writing for wellbeing.  I really enjoyed joining you to listen to the readings at the Totnes Library.

Thank you to Harula Ladd, who wrote me a 3 minute poem on the theme of "Healing"

"Healing the divide"

When skin splits
Denying its job of keeping life in
The number of stitches
Depends on how deep
The wound goes

But when the split
Goes too deep to stitch
Perhaps it's time
To climb out of the old container
And grow an entirely new body

Rather than leave an open wound
Festering and deepening,
Revelling in its own ability
To cause suffering
And distract those in pain
From taking the necessary action
Needed to move life on.

But stepping out
Of familiar skin
Takes courage
For in stepping out
There are no guarantees
About what we'll find ourselves
Growing into.

21 SEP 2019

RNLI Salcombe

Thank you to RNLI Salcombe for 150 years of dedicated service saving lives at sea. I was privileged to attend the unveiling of Jim Martin's beautiful sculptures to celebrate lifeboats old and new at Kingsbridge Quay today.

19 SEP 2019

EPIC Paignton

I attended the opening of the fantastic new £8m photonics facility in Paignton, brilliantly named the EPIC (Electronics and Photonics Innovation) Centre. The centre supports research and development and has links to South Devon College. More information can be found at the following link

14 SEP 2019

Lib Dem Conference

It was refreshing to be in Bournemouth for my first Liberal Democrat conference this month, and to have joined a Party where evidence is at centre of policy making and debate, and where members rather than corporate lobbyists or the block votes of powerful unions have the final say. I gave a clear commitment at the time of joining the Lib Dems that I would vote for a general election. I have kept that promise but the government did not reach the two thirds majority required to trigger an election.

30 AUG 2019

Community Nursing Meeting

Thank you Lee, Jacquie & Jane from ⁦Torbay and South Devon NHS⁩ for the helpful meeting to discuss the serious concerns raised with me, by district nurses, GPs, voluntary groups and local residents about the review of community nursing. Hope to see an update to the position issued soon.

29 AUG 2019

Totnes Caring

It was a pleasure to catch up with ⁦Totnes Caring⁩ about the amazing work they do across the community. Thank to everyone who has responded to their appeal We also discussed the vital importance of the District Nursing team.

27 AUG 2019

Dartmouth Health and Well Being Centre

Thank you to the Dartmouth Cllrs, Torbay and South Devon NHS , the NHS Devon CCG, Dartmouth Caring, the Dartmouth Area Health Action Group, Dartmouth Medical Practice and patient represenatives for meeting today to discuss the Health & Wellbeing Centre and why I am calling for the plans to cut District Nurses, to be scrapped. It is not possible to take 3.5 WTE district nursing posts out of the Moor to Sea locality without seriously undermining essential care for patients. It would also break a clear promise made by Torbay and South Devon NHS to the people of Dartmouth to increase community service.

27 AUG 2019

Dartmouth Caring

Thank you so much to Dartmouth Caring for inviting me to join the memory cafe in Townstal today for rockets, regatta and a chance to catch up with views on local health services and social care.

27 AUG 2019

Ash Rescue Centre

Absolutely loved visiting Ash Rescue Centre today to hear about their ethos of environmental conservation and recovery in a beautiful setting near Dartmouth. Already doing so much working with rescue horses and with plans to become a trauma therapy centre.

23 AUG 2019

Only Dads and Only Mums

I am always impressed by the great work being done by OnlyDads and OnlyMums to support the wellbeing of children and parents going through the tough times of separation. Thank you to Bob Greig for meeting with me today.

23 AUG 2019

Dartington Hall

It was lovely to catch up with Greg Parston, chair of the Dartington Hall Trust at Dartington today to hear about future plans. An amazing place with an extraordinary history!

20 AUG 2019

South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust

Thank you to all the team at the South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust (SWASFT) for meeting with me today. I really enjoyed visiting their headquarters to discuss waiting times, growing and supporting workforce and the needs of rural & coastal communities. Thank you too for this important top tip

20 AUG 2019

Dr Andy Haytread

Thank you to Dr Andy Haytread of NHS Devon CCG for coming to discuss commissioning of mental health services and the importance of getting resources to the front line, the case for ring-fencing and the need to address key gaps and waiting times

19 AUG 2019

South West Peer Supported Open Dialogue Conference

I was delighted to join local service users, carers, peer supporters and practitioners from around the UK at a meeting in Torbay to discuss the Open Dialogue approach to mental health and the importance of research. It was so refreshing to hear emphasis on involving families, wider networks and continuity of care.

19 AUG 2019

Torbay Council

Thank you to Lib Dem leader of Torbay Council, Steve Darling and Cllr Lee Howgate for meeting to discuss shared concerns on Adult and Children's social care and the Fire Services consultation

19 AUG 2019

Fire Services

It was great to be in Brixham today. Thank you to the Firefighters from across the Bay and the Fire Brigades Union representatives for meeting to discuss the consultation on fire services. Missing data has to be addressed and serious concerns about safety.

18 AUG 2019

Devon For Europe

Thank you to all the people from Devon For Europe for a lovely ride out and picnic today

17 AUG 2019

Meeting with the Local Lib Dems

I was warmly welcomed by the local Lib Dems along with Caroline Voaden MEP and it was an opportunity to thank all those who have offered their support. We're looking forward to working together as Lib Dem MP and MEP

16 AUG 2019

District Nurses

It is seriously worrying that Torbay and South Devon NHS Trust is planning to cut district nurse posts and today I met with nurses and the voluntary sector to hear their concerns about the impact on patient care. I've seen first-hand the value of what they do and we cannot afford to lose them.

16 AUG 2019

Local Dental Network

Thank you to Graham, Chair of Local Dental Network, Tess and Amanda of NHSEngland for meeting to discuss concerns about access to local and national NHS Dentistry. It was very helpful to hear their thoughts on the Committee's Health Inquiry into dentistry

If you would like to submit your views, you can do so via the following link

16 AUG 2019

Totnes Advice Surgery

Today another busy surgery at Totnes.If you would like to meet to discuss personal, local or national concerns, please telephone 01803 868378 or email nina.smith@parliament.uk to make an appointment

26 JUL 2019

Hope Cove Coastguards

It was an absolute joy to catch up with local cliff rescue heroes Ian Pedrick and Richard Clarkson as they await the outcome of their appeal after being dismissed for acting as good Samaritans. They are courageous volunteer coastguards with nearly 60 years' experience between them who should be immediately reinstated and who frankly deserve medals. It is totally unacceptable that such a long stretch of the South Devon coast has been left with reduced protection at the busiest time of year.

What is so striking about cliff rescue volunteering is the dangerous and often harrowing nature of their call outs which is matched only by the compassion and courage of those like Ian and Richard who put their own lives on the line.

26 JUL 2019

Hope Cove Harbour

Thank you to the Friends of Hope Cove Harbour Committee for showing me the damage to the vital breakwater which protects this wonderful community and to the Environment Agency for help with ongoing analysis. I am looking forward to seeing the plans and supporting the campaign

26 JUL 2019

Advice Surgery

A busy surgery today in Totnes. If you wish to meet to discuss personal or political concerns, please contact nina.smith@parliament.uk to arrange an appointment.

26 JUL 2019


Thank you to Acting Inspector Tom Blanchard for meeting to discuss drugs and policing, local issues, the impact of county lines and their targeting of vulnerable people

13 JUL 2019

Climate Change

In Totnes today, many community groups got together to discuss the Climate Emergency. Thank you to everyone who attended and to the speakers for their insight and discussion into what happens next.

12 JUL 2019

Wiltom Memorial Trust

I was Britannia Royal Naval College today to celebrate the centenary of the Wilton Memorial Trust, a charity that offers sheltered accommodation and retirement homes for the elderly.

06 JUL 2019

Ways With Words

An absolute joy to interview the amazing John Simpson at Ways with Words on his extraordinary career, the courage of journalists, Russia, the state of politics and his novel, Moscow Midnight

05 JUL 2019

The Samaritans

I met with the Torbay Samaritans today, where they have had extensive alterations in order to improve the conditions for this wonderful bunch of volunteers. The volunteers are there for everyone and anyone in the toughest of times. Find out more about joining and how you can help.

22 JUN 2019

Laywell House, Brixham

Thank you to all the team at Laywell House, Brixham for inviting me to your fair today and to Friends of Laywell and trustees for taking the time to share your views on Social Care funding and workforce.

22 JUN 2019

The Lamb Totnes

Thank you Sue and all the team at Gardening For Health for all you are doing for the community. I agree that Social Prescribing has so much to offer for wellbeing.

21 JUN 2019

Crafty Fox Cafe

Thank you so much to all the team at the Crafty Fox Community Cafe for all you do for wellbeing and mental health in Foxhole. there was also an opportunity to share community concerns on proposed changes to Fire Services.

15 JUN 2019

Wave Project

On International Surfing Day I met the team of Wave Project to see how social prescribing of surf therapy is boosting confidence and supporting young people  https://www.waveproject.co.uk

15 JUN 2019

Torbay Prostate Support Association


Great fun today at Torbay's Velopark. Many thanks to Rotary Clubs from across Torbay for arranging a charity ride for Torbay Prostate Support Association. ( Thanks also to Jonathan, a new tandem partner! ) find out more here http://www.tpsa.org.uk

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