06 FEB 2018

Sky Ocean Rescue

Today, I supported Sky Ocean Rescue and committed to #PassOnPlastic.

Launched in January 2017, Sky Ocean Rescue aims to shine a spotlight on the issues of ocean health, particularly single-use plastic, and inspire people to make small changes.

Sky Ocean Rescue's whale, Plasticus, which is made up of a quarter of a ton of plastic – the amount that enters our oceans every second, came to Parliament, to bring to life the scale of the problem.

Here are the top tips on how you can #PassOnPlastic

  • Drink out of a refillable water bottle
  • Use a bag for life
  • Avoid products that contain microbeads
  • Buy cotton buds with cardboard rather than plastic stems
  • Swop your wet wipe for a flannel
  • Use a metal or glass straw
  • Buy fruit and veg loose rather than in plastic packaging
  • Give up plastic cutlery
  • Bring your own travel mug to your favourite coffee shop

We all have a role to play in saving our oceans. Small changes = big difference!

Download this as a PDF

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