28 OCT 2019

NHS Vote

The Labour Party have launched a hostile and untruthful campaign attacking the Lib Dems.

Their amendment to the Queens Speech sought to promote their own damaging reorganisation of the NHS. The NHS itself has, after a long period of consultation with patient groups, the workforce, unions, Royal Colleges, the voluntary sector and academics from think tanks, launched a clear set of recommendations for future NHS legislation. As chair of the Health and Social Care Select Committee I have also worked in tandem with the NHS throughout this period and my cross-party committee scrutinised their initial draft. The following are links to the NHS's own clear asks of Parliament and to my committee's report which preceded that final version.



The clearest ask of all from the NHS was not to subject the service to another major top down administrative reorganisation and I think politicians have a duty to listen. Labour's proposals however would create turmoil and are unwanted by the NHS.

The NHS's own proposals include a pragmatic way to ditch the competition rules and reduce the wasteful procurement and contracting rounds. This would be a better way forward and it is deeply disappointing that the Labour Party have chosen to launch this attack ad campaign which is misleading at every level.

You may be interested to see that Labour's claims have also been condemned by the independent fact checking site Full Fact https://fullfact.org/health/liberal-democrat-nhs-privatisation/

I am grateful to you for reading this and I want to assure you that Lib Dems will be listening to those who work in and alongside the NHS and those who lead it, not following a damaging political dogma.

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Good luck with your campaign ,we want you as are MP . Robert James Slapton
- Robert James

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