12 DEC 2018

Today's Vote 3.30pm

I will be backing Theresa May in this evening's confidence vote. I hope that the ERG will finally be shown for what they are, a small and unrepresentative faction pushing for a version of Brexit that has no chance of passing the Conservative Party let alone the House of Commons. It was irresponsible and self-indulgent for a few individuals to be pushing their own leadership ambitions at such a time of national crisis and particularly to have done so whilst our Prime Minister was meeting EU leaders abroad.

No one should doubt Theresa May's personal integrity and sense of duty and the contrast with those scheming to take her place could not be in sharper relief. Whilst I continue to hope that the PM will move to take her deal direct to the people, I have great personal respect for her determined efforts to try to find a compromise through the Withdrawal Agreement and Future Framework.

I hope we will now be spared the ERG posturing for a while as, following an unsuccessful leadership challenge, there cannot be another for 12 months.


Although I personally do not think that we should have another vote. Thank you for your clear statement. I hope that you are one of many and that the Prime minister is recognised for her integrity as stated and has a clear majority supporting her this evening
- Hazel Howe

What a joke! Sarah has undermined Theresa May at every opportunity during the withdrawal negotitations and no wishes to support her. Your stance is somewhat hypocritical Sarah and is only designed to thwart the efforts of those genuinely honouring the referendum result. Your support is shallow to say the least.
- David H

So in the midst of the most important negotiations in our lifetime the ERG and followers have lobbed a grenade into the tory party. Now there's loyalty to the country for you. I don't like the deal we have waited two years for, but all the ERG can offer is chaos. No wonder John Major called his anti EU mob B*****ds!
- Bob

If you are going to support our PM, then really support her. Enough of this ‘Peoples Vote’. I do have doubts about some aspects of the deal but if you support her, then do it fully. Please get on with honouring the manifesto on the basis of which you were elected. I would also say that you may be surprised at the size of the support in the country for this “small and unrepresentative faction” as you put it judging by the comments on these recent blogs and how this support will grow if Brexit is thwarted.
- Patrick, Brixham

We are in a pickle, no doubt about it. Ms May's government had to be dragged though the Supreme Court for Parliament to trigger Article 50. May resisted a meaningful vote in Parliament, and it only just squeaked through (thanks to Sarah and others). She’s trying to deny the public a referendum on the facts, and now she's denied Parliament a vote on her doggy deal. But she'll all we have. The ERG group are a bunch of Dad's Army fanatics. So Sarah is correct. it's a complete shambles, we are laughing stock, and the last thing we need now is a Tory Leadership election. But May needs to compromise and offer the people a vote on her deal. She's a lame duck leader now.
- Richard

Sarah, I hope you continue to campaign for a people’s Vote. It is the only democratic way forward with the government not functioning and destroying itself with its political infighting. Never before has democracy been so important. The first referendum should never have been taken as a final say, it should have been purely advisory. Also, it was so close that the result should not have been followed on such an important issue which will affect us permanently for the rest of the future. Those nasty self interested hard ERG Brexiteers have no interest in democracy or the interests of the people, many of whom already struggle to make ends meet, and I hope that they are voted down tonight . I’m not a fan of May, but the alternative is worse! Please know that you have lots of support. Helen (member of Devon for Europe)
- Helen Petit

These are not my original ideas but the 40 reasons below come from the Conservative website. Can you Sarah counter the reasons why we should honour the people’s vote already cast. I’m certain your constituents who you should represent, will not support your change of views so I would ask you again to change back to your original position of wanting to leave. Listen to your constituents....please. Free movement will come to an end, once and for all, with the introduction of a new skills-based immigration system. We will take back full control of our money which we will be able to spend on our priorities such as the NHS. We will leave EU regional funding programmes – with the UK deciding how we spend this money in the future. The jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice in the UK will end. In the future we will make our own laws in our own Parliaments and Assemblies in Westminster, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast. We will leave the Common Agricultural Policy. We will leave the Common Fisheries Policy and become an independent coastal state again, with control over our waters. We will be able to strike trade deals with other countries around the world. Deals can be negotiated and ratified during the implementation period and put in place straight afterwards. We will be an independent voice for free trade on the global stage, speaking for ourselves at the World Trade Organisation, for the first time in decades. We will be freed from the EU’s political commitment to ever closer union. We will be out of the EU’s Charter of Fundamental Rights, recognising the UK’s long track record in protecting human rights. A fair settlement of our financial obligations, which will be less than half what was originally predicted. Both the one million UK citizens living in the EU and the three million EU citizens living in the UK will have their rights legally guaranteed so they can carry on living their lives as before. We will have a free trade area with the EU, with no tariffs, fees, charges or quantative restrictions across all sectors, helping to protect UK jobs. We will be the only major economy with such a relationship with the EU. We’ve agreed with the EU that we will be as ambitious as possible in easing the movement of goods between the UK and the EU as part of our free trade area. We will have an implementation period after we leave the EU during which trade will continue much as it does now. This will allow Government, businesses and citizens time to prepare for our new relationship. The deal will see a greater reduction in barriers to trade in services than in any previous trade deal. There will be an agreement that means UK citizens can practice their profession in the EU. A comprehensive deal that secures access to the EU market for our financial services sector meaning the EU cannot withdraw it on a whim. This will provide stability and certainty for the industry. A best in class agreement on digital, helping to facilitate e-commerce and reduce unjustified barriers to trade by electronic means. We have agreed that there will be arrangements that will let data continue to flow freely, vital across our economy and for our shared security. Trade arrangements for gas and electricity will help to ease pressure on prices and keep supply secure. Strong rules will be in place to keep trade fair, so neither the UK nor EU can unfairly subsidise their industries against the other. We will have a comprehensive Air Transport Agreement and comparable access for freight operators, buses and coaches. We have agreed that there will be arrangements so we can take part in EU programmes like Horizon and Erasmus. There will be a co-operation agreement with Euratom, covering all the key areas where we want to collaborate. Visa-free travel to the EU for holidays and business trips will continue. Our new security partnership will mean sharing of data like DNA, passenger records and fingerprints to fight crime and terrorism, going beyond any previous agreement the EU has made with a third country. Our new security partnership will enable the efficient and swift surrender of suspected and wanted criminals. Close co-operation for our police forces and other law enforcement bodies. We will continue to work together on sanctions against those who violate international rules. We will work together on cyber-security threats and support international efforts to prevent money laundering and the financing of terrorism. Disputes between the UK and the EU on the agreement will be settled by an independent arbitrator, ensuring a fair outcome. We will meet our commitment to ensure that there is no hard border between Northern Ireland and Ireland. We will keep the Common Travel Area between the United Kingdom and Ireland, ensuring everyday life continues as now. We will keep the Single Electricity Market between Northern Ireland and Ireland, which will help maintain a stable energy supply and keep prices down in Northern Ireland. Both sides will be legally committed, by the Withdrawal Agreement, to use “best endeavours” to get the future relationship in place by the end of the implementation period, helping to ensure the backstop is never used. An agreement to consider alternative arrangements to avoid a hard border on the island of Ireland, including all facilitative arrangements and technologies, and to begin preparatory work on this before we leave the EU, reflecting shared determination to replace the backstop. In the unlikely event we do have to use the backstop, a UK-wide customs area will ensure there is no customs border in the Irish Sea. Gibraltar’s British sovereignty will be protected. The deal delivers on the referendum result. It takes back control of our money, borders and laws whilst protecting jobs, security and the integrity of the United Kingdom.
- Mike Freeman

I agree with David H. Sarah Wollaston, in her capacity as MP for Totnes, has been disloyal to the party and its leadership on too many occasions for anyone to think that she is a true Tory. I suggest that she is supporting the PM on this occasion because any potential replacement would be a real Brexiteer.
- Lewis Mosse

People will remember Sarah Wollaston as just another sycophantic anti-democrat intent on keeping someone in office who has no concept of democracy, sovereignty or any of the other things people voted for in the referendum. The people had their vote already, respect it.
- Peter Hearn

117 votes. No Backstop here! The truth is that May is running out of road and the next leader will be Boris Johnson. Elected by the members. Sarah can stop pretending to be a Tory then.
- George, Paignton

2 faced or delusional , which is it Sarah??
- Peter Mulloy

ERG posturing? are you going to stop your posturing for a peoples vote that we've already had?? and get behind the parties commitments, maybe you just can't let your personal views be put before, Democracy , your constituents, and your Party. You are supposed to stand by the peoples (including constituents) wishes, Leave the job please if you can't do it.
- peter paignton

Write to the Totnes Conservative Assoc. asking for a new candidate at the next election. Sarah W has undermined democracy and the party on whose back she was elected. She clearly has more sense of self than of duty to the people who elected her.
- John

Boris as PM Saints and Angels of mercy protect us
- Bob

Putting aside the internal power struggle within (all) parties. Our MPs, from all sides clearly recognise that parliament is pre-eminent and that MPs are voted in by constituents. They clearly feel that the referendum does nor carry the weight of a normal election process. So be it. Consider then the outcome of the referendum based on constituencies. 63% Leave 37% remain. Had this been a NORMAL election, Leave would have a majority of 174 seats. I have excluded Wallasey which was 50/50. Source https://commonslibrary.parliament.uk/parliament-and-elections/elections-elections/brexit-votes-by-constituency/ It seems to me that our democracy is lying in taters thanks to Westminster self interest and pity squabbles. Keep in mind this whole debacle is a Conservative debacle, created by 30 years of infighting, a moment of weakness (and ignorance) by David Cameron and a complete late of focus on what is important for the country from all sides of the house.
- Geoff

Seems to me that what is required is an outbreak of common sense on behalf of Cons members which one would hope might infect the idiotic faction led b the ERG. Sarah a 2nd referendum is a pipedream ,the cons party is going to split anyway so Mays deal is all we have !! D P
- Derek

Just one word sums up Wollaston - TRAITOR - a traitor to her constituents, her party, her country and above all democracy !!!"!
- Pete

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