20 OCT 2019

We need a Statesman as PM, not this showman

Whatever happens next, we are in dangerous and uncharted waters when a Prime Minister chooses to ignore the clear purpose of an Act of Parliament. Sending a photocopy and a side letter to the EU shows the Prime Minister has abandoned Statesmanship for cheap showmanship.

I joined the majority of MPs in voting to protect against No Deal in the immediate future. The debate on Saturday also made it clear that the Government's current proposals risk No Deal once the transition period comes to an end and I will continue to oppose this unless the people have given their consent to the actual Brexit deal as opposed to the false promises of the referendum campaign. The Deal will put a permanent border down the Irish Sea that will inevitably lead to the breakup of our United Kingdom starting with Northern Ireland and then Scotland. It will deliver an economic downturn of the same order as the banking crash and it will remove the protection of workers rights and environmental standards from the internationally binding treaty and switch these to the wish list of the non-binding political declaration. The Deal does not "get Brexit done", it is merely the start of long and acrimonious wrangling over the future of our relationship with Europe in which we will be the junior and relatively powerless partner.

At the weekend hundreds of thousands of people marched to demand the final say and I was delighted to meet so many of those who travelled from this constituency to join them. I will continue to press for everyone to have the opportunity to decide if the Deal delivers the kind of Brexit they want or to ditch Brexit for good.


The 2016 vote was to Leave the EU. There were no Terms and Conditions. Some MPs think they know better than those who voted to leave and that is deeply offensive. Leaving means this country has the opportunity to trade with the world and not just a ‘private safe club’ for those invited in. I cannot understand how MPs can support another vote simply because they PERSONALLY disagreed with the Referendum outcome. Their PROFESSIONAL duty is to uphold Democracy whether they like the result ir not. It is difficult to watch them tearing up our democratic principals and being supported by the Speaker of the House. Its mob rule and its disgraceful. Dr Wollaston. I dont understand why you think I should support you as you have changed party and views so many times.
- Jane Dev

It's a bit rich for MPs like yourself to speak of the PM avoiding scrutiny when you have jumped ship how many times? - without offering your constituents the chance to get rid of you and choose a Conservative party member. Please do not presume to be 'holding the PM to account' in my name; my concern is about who is holding you to account as you ride roughshod over the clearly stated direction of the voters, and how on earth to get through to this wrecking parliament. Finally, if this is the third time your summons has been turned down by the PM, then your committee must be bent on vexatious time-wasting tactics that were not used on previous holders of the office.
- Melanie Grieveson

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